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Who knows the insurance companies better than a former Vice President of Auto Insurance Claims?

Who knows the insurance companies better than a former Vice President of Auto Insurance Claims?

Tim Gardner understands the insurance companies as well as the complex process of navigating auto insurance claims. Gardner Trial Attorneys is in the business of helping injured people bring valid claims to fair and just resolutions.

Unfortunately, there are law firms that will help people develop claims simply because they were involved in an accident. Gardner Trial Attorneys, however, is not that kind of firm. We help injured people achieve recovery for their legitimate claims. Insurance companies are not evil. They provide an important service for people and it is genuinely difficult for them to distinguish between real and manufactured claims. It is, however, in their best interest to minimize any settlement to you and you should keep this in mind in all your dealings with them.

That’s why the first thing you should do if you or a loved one have suffered injury in an accident is to contact a lawyer with expertise in automobile accident injury law.

Tim Gardner understands the process. It’s not about beating up the insurance company, but rather presenting your case in the right manner.

He knows whether he is dealing with an experienced or an inexperienced adjuster. He can navigate the case better because as a former Vice President of Auto Insurance Claims at a national insurance company he knows both sides of the process. Our goal is to assist people who have been injured receive the compensation they are entitled to as fast as possible. We understand insurance laws and the companies’ obligations. We also know how to present the claim with the necessary information so that the insurance company can make the decision they need to make. And we won’t waste your time with endless negotiations. Tim will work directly with you to identify a fair financial outcome quickly so you can move on with your life.