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Truck Accidents

Truck Accidents

If you have been injured or lost a loved one in a trucking accident, the legal professionals of Gardner Trial Attorneys can help you achieve the financial recovery you deserve.

We offer free case evaluations to all potential clients. It will cost you nothing to find out in your case has legal merit. Our experienced attorneys will determine liability in the accident, collect the evidence needed to establish your claim, and litigate the case to assure that the parties responsible for your losses are held to account.

There are several different types of compensation that people injured in trucking accidents may be legally entitled to. You may be able to recover economic losses such as current or future medical expenses, lost wages and diminished earning capacity in the future. Additionally, under Georgia law, you may receive compensation for non-economic losses such as pain and suffering and mental anguish.

If we can demonstrate that the trucking company or the driver engaged in intentionally harmful or reckless behavior, Gardner Trial Attorneys may be able to win punitive damages, intended to deter the at-fault party from similar behavior in the future.

Trucking accidents can be complicated and are more likely than car accidents to cause fatalities and serious injury due to the size and weight of tractor trailers. The medical expenses of people injured in truck accidents often exceed the maximum amount of their personal injury protection coverage. Trucking companies and their insurers often have extensive legal and investigative resources to limit their liability exposure and the recovery available to victims of truck accidents.

Gardner Trial Attorneys have the resources and experience to properly investigate truck accidents. Many factors must be considered to determine which parties are liable for damages. Liability often arises from negligence, and many parties can potentially be negligent in these cases: the driver, the trucking company, the owner or leasing company in charge of the truck, the shipping company who contracted to have the load delivered, the company that made the truck.

Negligence in truck accident cases often arises from trucking companies or individual drivers trying to cut corners. Did the company overload the truck or drive it on a narrow road? Did the driver have adequate experience, violate traffic laws, skip legally required breaks, or falsify their driving hours? Was the tractor trailer kept in a safe operating condition?

All driving logs and records, including weigh-ins, must be examined, as well the history and maintenance records of the vehicle and trailer involved in the accident. The company’s track record of driver supervision and control are often relevant, as are any past violations of driving regulations or criminal law by the truck driver.

You should contact an attorney immediately if you are involved in a trucking accident.

Time is of the essence. A lot of information needs to be gathered right after the accident and the initial investigation is very important in proving your case. Find out as much as you can at the scene of the accident: Who was driving? What company names are on the truck? Who talked to you? Get business cards from everyone you deal with.

There is a short window of time before authorities clear the scene of an accident to allow resumption of normal traffic. The truck may go back into operation if certain letters are not sent. Witnesses become more difficult to find and less interested in helping as time goes by. Trucks also carry electronics that record a lot of data that can help explain how an accident occurred. An attorney can assure that all this information is collected properly.

Insurance requirements are different for trucking companies and because of the large amounts of money at stake their insurance company will usually have an investigator at the scene as soon as possible. You should have a representative who understands the process as well. We have a proven record of litigating trucking accident cases to maximize your recovery.

Trucking accidents often result in fatalities. The skilled lawyers of Gardner Trial Attorneys have experience representing the families of people who have suffered grave injury or a wrongful death through no fault of their own in truck accidents. We pursue the best possible financial outcome for these clients by maintaining our focus and professionalism as they struggle with their bereavement. We keep them informed of all progress in their case and are responsive to any questions they may have. We take care of the legal work that needs to be done and help them by being the most effective possible advocate for them, leading them through the challenging litigation process to the compensation they deserve.

Gardner Trial Attorneys is a leading plaintiffs’ law firm in metro Atlanta that advocates for clients who have lost a loved one or suffered an injury in truck accidents. We litigate aggressively and represent injured people and their families with compassion. We use our knowledge of insurance industry practices to determine the full value of your case and prepare for trial.

It costs nothing to speak to an experienced Georgia trucking accident lawyer. Give Gardner Trial Attorneys a call today and find out what your case is worth.

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