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Timothy Gardner
Timothy Gardner
Managing Partner
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Tim Gardner, the Managing Partner of Gardner Trial Attorneys, has a long record of success in all areas of personal injury law. The knowledge gained as a VP of Auto Accident Claims for a major insurance company sets him apart as an advocate for injured people.



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Timothy Gardner

Timothy J. Gardner has extensive litigation experience in both complex and non-complex matters.

He is a graduate of Morehouse College and the Loyola University Chicago School of Law. He has successfully handled diverse litigation matters providing efficient, swift, and fair resolution to maximize client recoveries. Mr. Gardner began his legal career in Chicago at a large law founded by trial attorneys and considered a leader in the industry.

Since that time, Mr. Gardner has litigated a variety of matters including automobile accidents, trucking accidents, product liability, premises liability, medical malpractice, contract disputes, business disputes, franchise disputes, automobile and other general tort cases.

Mr. Gardner enjoys representing people and allowing their voices to be heard in court. Clients include individuals who have suffered personal injuries due to automobile and trucking accidents, sexual abuse, premises liability, false imprisonment and other matters. In one case he was lead attorney in a franchise dispute against a large nationwide company where breach of the franchise agreement was alleged. In another, he represented individuals that were the victims of a financial ponzi scheme run by their pastor. He helped an elderly woman who was scammed out of the deed to her home due to the unscrupulous tactics of an alleged investor be made whole.

Prior to forming Gardner Trial Attorneys, Mr. Gardner was the Vice President of Claims in Georgia and South Carolina for a national insurance company. He was charged with managing bodily injury and property damage automobile claims, ensuring they were handled in the most fair and efficient manner possible. Mr. Gardner has participated in every aspect of an automobile claim from inception (at the time of accident) through trial. Mr. Gardner has vast knowledge as to what should, and more importantly what should not happen, in handling an automobile accident claim. He has extensive knowledge in insurance coverage issues and has been involved in writing insurance policies and applications. Mr. Gardner understands the rights of the insured.