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Our Firm

Gardner Trial Attorneys is a full-service litigation law firm.

We are a full-service litigation practice representing clients throughout the state of Georgia. We litigate automobile accidents, trucking accidents, premise liability, product liability, wrongful death and general personal injury cases.

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We have a wealth of trial experience and understand what it takes to present your case in the best possible manner. We know what should – and, more importantly what should not – happen in handling an automobile accident claim. We know how the insurance companies process claims and how to work with and against them to maximize settlements for our clients.

The respect and admiration we have for the justice system sets us apart. The legal system doesn’t always get things right, but when plaintiffs have excellent representation and juries are presented with the appropriate evidence, they usually make the right decision in civil cases. The law is a tool to achieve fair outcomes – and we know how to make it work for you.