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Premises Liability

Premises Liability

If you have suffered personal injury because of unsafe conditions on someone else’s property, Gardner Trial Attorneys can help you achieve the financial recovery you deserve.

Whether you were victimized due to the negligent security measures of an apartment complex, bar, or nightclub, or suffered injury because management allowed hazardous conditions to persist in a place of business, the experienced litigators of Gardner Trial Attorneys are the advocates you need to achieve the justice you deserve.

Premise Liability law covers many situations in which you may have been injured on someone else’s property. This area of the law includes dog bites, inadequate security or lighting that leads to criminal activity, slip and fall cases, or failure to remove snow or ice in a timely manner.

The two most common types of premise liability cases arise when someone suffers a physical injury due to a hazard on a property, and when someone suffers injury because a property has not been protected by adequate security measures. Gardner Trial Attorneys have successfully recovered significant settlements for many wrongfully injured clients in premise liability cases.

Crime is a fact of life, worse in some neighborhoods than others. Nonetheless, there are many things property owners can be expected to do to protect tenants, customers, and employees. Did the owner employ adequate security professionals to protect the property? Did the owner control access to the property through limited gates of entry and try to document who was coming and going? Was there a history of criminal activity at the location that the owner should have been aware of and vigilant in deterring?

There are also many strategies that savvy attorneys can employ in negligent security cases. Public crime records can be used to demonstrate that a criminal element was allowed to persist at a property and that management was aware of the problem. Gardner Trial Attorneys has expertise on the legal requirements of property management as well as knowledge of effective security and crime prevention measures to assess potential cases and prove that a particular crime could have been prevented with simple security measures.

Sadly, many negligent security cases arise simply because owners do not want to spend the money or take the time necessary to protect tenants, employees, or customers that they are responsible for. Often, tragic accidents and crime could have been prevented by implementing simple security measures.

Business owners are responsible for ensuring the safety of employees and customers. Different laws apply depending on what type of property is involved. A landlord has different obligations than the owner of a private residence or the National Parks Service. Gardner Trial Attorneys understand how these different rules apply. Whether you are an injured party or a property owner, we will evaluate your case for free.

Depending on the type of business, any number of potential hazards may arise. Did the business owner fix a loose step in a timely manner when informed of it? Did they address a persistently slippery area of sidewalk? Did they adequately secure storage racks to prevent them from falling on employees? Did they provide adequate signage to alert people of potentially hazardous situations? Did they allow obstructed vision to persist that resulted in injury due to error?

Some industries use dangerous chemicals or electricity at high voltage which requires expertise and special handling procedures. Many construction job sites involve heavy machinery which can be hazardous if used by inadequately trained or intoxicated employees. Many businesses require employees to work at dangerous heights that require special safety procedures.

Property owners are not liable for an injury in an unsafe premises case just because it happens on their property. Property owners have a legal responsibility to protect people who live at or visit their properties or businesses from being injured in situations that could have reasonably been prevented. Landlords and business owners must have steps in place to learn when conditions have become dangerous, and they must fix problems that create unsafe premises when they learn of them. In a premise liability case, the law requires that a plaintiff demonstrate that the business owner had prior knowledge of the hazard and that they did not take reasonable steps to correct the hazard.

It is crucial to gather information in a timely manner if you have suffered an injury. People move to different apartments or forget details of an incident as time passes. You should take contact information from any possible eyewitnesses to the incident. You should take photos if possible and speak to a manager of the property if that applies.

Gardner Trial Attorneys has a record of success in maximizing compensation for metro Atlanta clients who have been injured through no fault of their own in premises liability cases. We can help determine if an injury was caused by negligent security or hazardous conditions and whether you are entitled to a settlement.

It costs nothing to speak to an experienced Georgia premises liability lawyer. Give Gardner Trial Attorneys a call today and find out what your case is worth.

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