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$385,000 Motor Vehicle Accident

$385,000 Motor Vehicle Accident

$385,000 Motor Vehicle Accident — Serious Injury

Gardner Trial Attorneys is a leading plaintiffs’ law firm in metro Atlanta that advocates for clients who have suffered an injury in car accidents. We litigate aggressively and represent injured people and their families with compassion. We use our knowledge of insurance industry practices to determine the full value of your case and prepare for trial.

Gardner Trial Attorneys successfully represented a Gwinnett County man who was severely injured when a careless driver ran a stop sign in Bethlehem, Georgia. We secured the full amount of the at-fault driver’s $300,000 liability policy, plus an additional $85,000 over the amount of the policy for our client.

Our client was a small businessman. He owned and operated his own landscaping business in north Georgia. He had been happily married for over twenty years and had two sons. He was in the passenger seat of a Ford F-150 driven by one of his two sons when a Subaru Outback driven by an elderly man, in a hurry to pick up his granddaughter from school, ran a stop sign at an estimated 45 miles-per-hour, slamming into the passenger side of the pickup truck as they pulled into the intersection.

Our client’s injuries were severe and life-altering. The impact broke his spine. He was hospitalized and underwent several extensive back surgeries. With the help of considerable rehabilitation, he has regained a measure of mobility, but still suffers from paralysis and severe nerve damage throughout his body. He also suffered a loss of consortium with his wife as a result of the paralysis. His injuries rendered him permanently unable to do many of the tasks required of him to run his landscaping business.

The at-fault driver in the accident carried a $300,000 liability policy. We believed that our client’s case deserved a greater recovery than this, so we filed suit and did an asset search to find out if the man who had caused the accident had any other applicable policies or personal accounts that could be obtained to compensate our client for his losses. We learned in discovery for that suit that the at-fault driver had another $100,000 in the bank and were able to obtain $85,000 of that for our client. Gardner Trial Attorneys always investigates every possibility for insurance or legal recovery.

Georgia drivers who carry legal minimum liability insurance should be aware that their personal assets can be at stake if they negligently cause personal injury to another person. The $300,000 policy carried by the at-fault driver, in this case, was well above the legal minimum, but still not enough to fully protect him for liability due to his negligence.

Driving a car or a tractor-trailer is dangerous. In fact, operating a motor vehicle is statistically much more dangerous than any other form of travel. According to the Georgia Department of Transportation, there were 1550 fatalities on Georgia roads in 2017 alone.

A car accident can happen before a driver has any notion that they are in danger.  Because of the perils involved in driving, it is important to be safe; always allow adequate following distance and use defensive driving strategies, signal properly, and drive within the legal speed limit, never drink and drive or drive under the influence of drugs. Additionally, as of July 1, 2018 it is now illegal to use a mobile phone while driving in Georgia.

Car accidents are a leading cause of personal injury in Georgia. If you have been injured by a drunk driver, or otherwise through the negligence or recklessness of someone else, Gardner Trial Attorneys can help you pursue the compensation you deserve for the damages you have suffered.

We take pride in the fact that many cases are referred to us by current and former clients. Insurance companies and opposing counsel know that Gardner Trial Attorneys prepare all cases as if they are going to trial. That is the only way to ensure the highest possible recovery in a car accident case.

We are selective in choosing our cases. When you retain Gardner Trial Attorneys, you get our full attention and a long-term commitment to your welfare. We advocate for our clients by devoting all the resources of our firm to their case, maximizing financial results.

Expert knowledge of insurance industry practices, differing types of coverages, and the law covering insurance companies allows Gardner Trial Lawyers to identify all possible avenues for insurance recovery. Many law firms leave money on the table, either because they’re uncomfortable with the law at issue or because they don’t know some policies are available. We offer free case evaluations and are creative in seeking to maximize financial compensation for clients.

It costs nothing to speak to an experienced car accident attorney. Call for a free case evaluation and find out what your case is worth today.