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$1,000,000 Motor Vehicle Accident

$1,000,000 Motor Vehicle Accident

$1,000,000 Motor Vehicle Accident — Serious and Permanent Injury

When people drive drunk or are otherwise impaired and cause an accident, juries are much more likely to mete out blame. Insurance companies know this and are more willing to pay out the full amount of policies in these cases because they know their chances in court are diminished. If you have been injured in an automobile accident, you need to secure a skilled attorney as soon as possible.

Gardner Trial Attorneys recently recovered a $1,000,000 insurance claim for a young metro Atlanta woman who was severely injured due to the recklessness of a drunk driver.

The young woman we represented, the mother of a 4-yr-old boy in her mid-20s, was a highly successful hair stylist with a high-profile clientele. She was on her way home from an industry event in Buckhead with a friend when they were struck by a speeding Maserati that lost control on Pharr Road. The driver was drunk.

The accident was devastating for the young woman. Both of her feet were crushed. Her path to physical recovery and the semblance of a normal life was long and difficult. She needed extensive reconstructive surgery for one of her feet and had to have numerous pins inserted in her other foot to stabilize it.

Not only did her injuries make it impossible to work, as her profession required her to be on her feet, she was left unable to perform many of the basic tasks of life for herself and her young son. She couldn’t shower or bathe herself, drive a car, or take her son anywhere. She was forced to move because her apartment had stairs that she could no longer climb.

Gardner Trial Attorneys recognized that she needed financial help quickly. Her ability to earn a good income to support her family had been taken away and her hospital bills were piling up. The case demanded both a short-term and a long-term strategy to maximize her financial well-being.

The insurance coverage on the Maserati driven by the drunk driver was a $1,000,000 combined single limit liability policy. This type of policy pays out to whoever is “first in line” with their claim. Another passenger had been injured in the accident. This meant that in order for our client to collect the full amount on the policy, Gardner Trial Attorneys needed to quickly and efficiently compile all the relevant information and submit the claim.

We hired investigators and took witness statements in order to develop a case for her. We obtained all Georgia State Patrol records, including their accident reconstruction report, and prepared the case. We met the young woman at the hospital only a few days after the accident. We recognized that her hospital bills alone would likely be enough to claim the full amount of the policy. We worked diligently with the hospital staff to document all of her medical expenses and moved quickly to secure the $1,000,000 recovery from the liability insurance policy on the Maserati.

Sometimes you don’t find out about possible avenues for insurance recovery until you file suit in a case. The Maserati was actually a company car. Gardner Trial Attorneys learned of a $5,000,000 umbrella liability policy held by the owner of the company when we filed suit to claim the $1,000,000 policy on the vehicle. It was clearly negligent for the company owner to allow a circumstance where the vehicle would be driven recklessly by someone who was intoxicated.

The case is still being litigated with the insurance company’s legal team. The driver of the Maserati was charged with DUI and his criminal case is still pending. Gardner Trial Attorneys believe our client is entitled to several million dollars of additional recovery, and are confident we will be able to achieve this for her.

Car accidents are a leading cause of personal injury in Georgia. If you have been injured by a drunk driver, or otherwise through the negligence or recklessness of someone else, Gardner Trial Attorneys can help you pursue the compensation you deserve for the damages you have suffered.

We take pride in the fact that many cases are referred to us by current and former clients. Insurance companies and opposing counsel know that Gardner Trial Attorneys prepare all cases as if they are going to trial. That is the only way to ensure the highest possible recovery in a car accident case.

We are very selective in choosing our cases. When you retain Gardner Trial Attorneys, you get our full attention and a long-term commitment to your welfare. We advocate for our clients by devoting all the resources of our firm to their case, maximizing financial results.

Expert knowledge of insurance industry practices, differing types of coverages, and the law covering insurance companies allows Gardner Trial Lawyers to identify all possible avenues for insurance recovery.

Many law firms leave money on the table, either because they’re uncomfortable with the law at issue or because they don’t know some policies are available. We offer free case evaluations and are creative in seeking to maximize financial compensation for clients.